2020 Alaska Book Week

Alaska Book Week is coming soon—October 2nd to the 10th—and we hope you will participate.

We invite authors, publishers and readers to submit links to YouTube videos or submit videos that we can post on our YouTube channel in lieu of the opportunity for personal interactions that Alaska Book Week normally allows for. We can also link to podcasts if you don’t want to go the video route. Videos and podcasts would be posted during Alaska Book Week, which runs October 2nd to the 9th.

These videos can be about your own publication, or they can refer to other Alaska writer’s books. Our intentions are to stir up interest in books about Alaska or by Alaska authors. So we encourage you to talk about books that are by Alaska authors, or refer to Alaska subjects, or take place in Alaska.

All this, of course, will happen within the limits of our all-volunteer staffs’ technical and time constraints.

While you no doubt have plenty to say about your book, keeping in mind best practices, for this type of video viewing or listening, a 4- or 5-minute video or podcast is much more likely to be viewed than a 30-minute video.

We will vet the videos to make sure they are appropriate. All videos must adhere to YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

To participate, email a link to your video or podcast to akbookweek@gmail.com. You can also mail us a thumb drive or CD to this address:

Trish Jenkins
4722 Mills Drive
Anchorage, AK 99508